Short Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance

07/12/2013 14:18

The process of transferring the risk of loss to an insurance company against a certain amount of premium is known as insurance. The insured items may include your car, house, business assets or your life. The premium is fixed after calculating the value of the insured item, assured return on loss, and the time period of insurance i.e. term. Short-term and long-term insurance are the two basic types of insurance being offered to be assured in the situation of a big loss. Life insurance varies with age and facts, so now in market different types of live coverage plans are being offered.

People get confused by the statements of the insurance agents and the premium amounts at the time of opting for a life coverage plan. Somehow it is obvious that an inappropriate insurance plan can make you stressed by making your financial condition tight. So, the first and most essential decision you need to take when buying life insurance is: understanding and choosing the appropriate policy.

Short Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance both of the most picked protection has different benefits. Picking the right plan for youis more difficult to choose and it depends upon different factors. Selection between both of these plans is mostly influenced by the requirements and investment capability of the person. Let’s point out the worth of each of the life insurance plans before purchasing one.

Benefits of Short Term Life Insurance:

Persons who are wishing for a life insurance plan but can’t pay for the whole life insurance premiums are advised to go for term life insurance. Also it is beneficial for the people who only need coverage for a limited time period. The benefits of this policy include an assured death benefit but do not provide any cash value. Through this the premium amount will raise at preset intervals i.e. after one, two, five or ten years, depending on the type of plan you purchase.

Short term life insurance is not capable to provide further “living benefits” along with life insurance coverage. Living benefits like assured cash value growth (as long as premiums are being paid by the beneficiary), facility to receive dividends, loan and cash withdrawal opportunities are not bundled with term life insurance.

Benefits of Whole Life Insurance:

With some attractive add-ons, the whole life insurance plans are being the hot selling products of leading insurance companies all over the world compared to term life policies. The whole or permanent life coverage policies provide lifetime insurance coverage to person with other paybacks against of added investment. Through this plan, a person can utilize the guaranteed cash value in futureas a policy loan.

Brief comparison between Short Term Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance:

Short Term Life Insurance:

  • Appropriate for instant and a limited time requirements as well as when the funds are limited.
  • Persons only pay for death benefit coverage, no cash value growth will be provided.
  • The initial premiums are inexpensive and increases at preceding renewals.
  • The bundled term conversion privileges allowconverting to a permanent policy whichforms cash value, without extra medical underwriting.

Whole Life Insurance:

  • Suitable and continues as a lifelong provision.
  • Provides cash value increment and can be obtained through loans.
  • Premium amount feels to be consistent in spite of the increasing age.

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