Different types of Travel Insurance

07/01/2014 20:45

Out of the busy schedule, if we get a single day leave for travel then we plan a lot of fun. If the vacation is being planned every traveler has the single motto of fun and relaxation from day to day life personal/professional stress. Traveling abroad has become general be it for vacation, business trip or for study purposes. Mostly all the travel experiences are filled with lots of excitement, joy, and grief. Yes, the early and robustly planned traveling cannot also eliminate the risk of loss, delay, accidents, etc. Loss of baggage and identity proofs and documents (i.e. passport or visa) are quite common. Also flight delay in flights or medical emergencies ruins all of the fun ideas and burdens an expensive taxation in outer countries.

To deal with unplanned medical expenses or money losses while traveling overseas, the traveler might get help from Travel insurance. This insurance scheme can protect you for abroad travelling and domestic travelling. In the following lines you will find the benefits of travel insurance as well as its classification.

What risks covered through Travel Insurance?


Trip Cancellation Insurance:


It covers the traveler in the incident that the traveling companions or travelers themselves need to cancel, delay or interrupt the trip. According to the (acceptable) circumstances and terms the travel insurance helps the beneficiary. Mainly the insurance companies consider to certain reasons as following:


  • An accident occurred while coming to the airport
  • An act of terrorism
  • Change of mind
  • Delay in dispensation your visa/passport
  • Fire or flood in your house
  • Illness or injury
  • Jury duty
  • Sudden business conflicts
  • The vendor (tour-company, airline, etc) going out of business
  • Weather-related issues

The people who are covered with the trip cancellation insurance are eligible to get refund in comparison to the total sum originally paid.

Travel Medical and Major Medical Insurance:


This is a quite helpful plan that helps travelers in medical issues or works as a medical coverage while traveling. There are two types of insurance policies available for a traveler i.e. Travel medical insurance and Major medical insurance. Travelers get help if s/he becomes ill or injured during traveling overseas for medical expenditures and locate doctors, hospitals, and healthcare services through these policies.

Travel medical coverage plans are designed as short-term solutions and the policy valid for the limited/fixed duration of travel. The travelers who need coverage for their long travel trips in a long-term basis they are advised for major medical insurance. It is profitable for the frequent travelers who travel in lengthy trips for a year or more. Also another type of medical coverage plan available for the travelers named ‘emergency medical evacuation insurance’ which provides essential evacuation and transport to medical facilities.

Flight Accident and Accidental Death Insurance:

Same as life coverage plans; it provides benefits in the occurrence of an accident resulting serious injury or death.


Alongside these very known plans, other types of or specialized coverage plans are being offered through travel insurance Canada. Depending upon the covering risks, duration or term, premium deposit, etc the coverage plans are customized.

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